INT, IR CH NOR CH Tangetoppen Ferrero Rocher for Cherrybeau

 Ir NuCh Tangetoppen Ferrero Rocher for Cherrybeau

Ir NuCh Tangetoppen Ferrero Rocher for Cherrybeau

photo by: Ger Lawlor @ Pawprints

Owner : Cherrybeau
Breed : Miniature Pinscher
Birthdate : 20th January 2008
Colour : Black & Tan

Turbo is the first Irish owned Miniature Pinscher Champion to hold a full overseas title gained in strong competition abroad. While in Norway he achieved the 2 male min pin overall in 2009 and the top male black and tan miniature pinscher 2009. In Norway he won 8 CAC's, 1 CACIB and had group placings, since coming to Ireland (in late 2010) he has raised his CAC total to 55, He has finished his International FCI title and currently holds six cacib's and has multiple group placings. In August 2011 he made history by becoming the first miniature pinscher to go BOG1 in the FCI group 2. He is also a candidate for Champion of the Netherlands.

In 2012 he was the top miniature pinscher in Ireland and ended up with the Annual Champion title. He won the Celtic Winners title in 2013 and finished the year as the top male (in strong competition) with the highest number of BOB's and the top placed min pin in Ireland for group placings on the ICP leaderboard.

Height 29cm. Correct bite, eye tested clear and patella luxation clear.

He is an exceptional dog with a super temperment. He is available to stud to select bitches, please contact us for further details.


  • Parents
    • Cy Ch Ferne Branca of Kelkyon
    • INTCH DKCH NUCH SUCH NORD CH Exigor's Kleopatra in Black
  • Grand Parents
    • IL CH INTCH Zamir Me Beit Hamaayan
    • IL CY CH Rahat Me Beit Hamaayan
    • INTUCH VDHCH DE BE NL CH Vasco V Tilburys Roem
    • Exigor's Outstanding Onessa
  • Great Grand Parents
    • HU IL RU INTUCH Vlak Me Beit Hamaayan
    • Venite V.D. Doelaar
    • HU IL RU INTUCH Vlak Me Beit Hamaayan
    • Gilit Me Beit Hamaayan
    • NL FR LUX DE VHD CH Sayon Van De Dolear
    • DE BE CH Holly V Tilburgs Roem
    • INT NORD D VDH UCH Bombastic Andante
    • INT NORD D VDH UCH Exigor's Her Highness
  • Great Great Grand Parents