Afterglow Belle of the ball at Charmagen

Owner : Charmagen
Breed : American Cocker Spaniel
Birthdate : 15th July 2005

We breed for Temperment, Soundness and Quality, we give a 24/7 service, we offer to look after the pup throughout their life, if you decide to go on holiday


  • Parents
    • SH CH Afterglow Douglas Fashion
    • Afterglow Tinkerbell
  • Grand Parents
    • Am Ch Darkhaven's Apple of my eye
    • Sh Ch Afterglolw Arrabella
    • Sh Ch Afterglow Engelbert
    • After Ivy Leauge
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Am Ch Grand Cru Darkhaven's Shiraz
    • Ch Beaujolais Mineapple
    • Am Ch TLC's Ace in the hole
    • Am Ch Cashmere Matadors last Dance with Afterglow
    • Sh Ch Afterglow Ambrose
    • Am Ch Links Silverhall Sunflower (IMP)
    • Am Ch Laurent Shamrock Show's n Tell to Mycalleys (IMP)
    • Danton Jailbird from Saldawn
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Am Ch Darkhaven's Eye Spy
    • Ch Wysiwyg's Payoff Creekridge
    • Am Ch Silver Pine California
    • Ch Beaujolias's Bust my Bustle
    • Am Ch West Glen Blackgammon
    • Am Ch La Shays I Love Lucy
    • Am Ch Must do Matador
    • Am Ch Tamras all that Glitters
    • Am Ch TLC's Ace in the Hole
    • Am Ch Cashmere Matadors Last dance with Afterglow
    • Am Ch Silverhall Soldier of Fontune
    • Links Bubble Trouble
    • Can Ch Jack's Gold Dust of Silverdi
    • Am Lauvents Fortune Tellar
    • Am Ch Cashmere Chainreaction at Danton (IMP)
    • Am Ch Tie-nK's Jailbait at Danton (IMP)