photo by: ZM

Owner : Cragvallie
Breed : Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla
Birthdate : 7th October 2006
Health Tested

Health Tests

  • Hip Score : HD-O (Hungarian pass) - 23rd January 2008

Jacint was imported from Hungary in March 2009, and immediately settled in as if she had always lived here. She has a super laid back temperament taking every situation in her stride. She quarters naturally, stalks superbly and is steady on point. In the showring she has won major awards in Hungary, Slovakia, the Netherlands, England, Scotland, Southern Ireland and Wales, and is now an FCI International Champion. She cost a fortune but was worth every penny as she is the sweetest most loving bitch I have ever had the pleasure of owning. The icing on the cake was Crufts 2011 when Jacint obtained her stud book number by winning Open bitch and the Reserve Bitch CC. Two of her offspring Copper and Rez have also attained entry into the KC Stud book. She was Hip scored in Hungary result HD-0. Jacint won the Bitch CC and BOB at Scottish Kennel Club Championship show under Jonathan Parry.


  • Parents
    • Magyar Solymáz Aba
    • Kecel-Hátsági Oli
  • Grand Parents
    • Szilasdombi Vitez
    • Morgótelki Kitti
    • Kecel-Hátsági Hires
    • Gibarmenti Darazs
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Szigeti-Vadaskerti Cseles
    • Kecel-Hátsági Mita
    • Abafia Rocco
    • Laszlohazi-Betyar Fani
    • Gibarmenti Cimbi
    • Kecel-Hátsági Orzse
    • Sábo Tomi
    • Kecel-Hátsági Ginette
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Abafia Hires Hunor
    • Borzasi Lidi
    • Tordaszigeti Ivó
    • Sábo Tini
    • Abafia Hires Hunor
    • Vadhozo-Facanos Ada
    • Lászlóházi Betyár Astor
    • Bodóhegyi Vica
    • Abafia Hires Hunor
    • Kecel-Hátsági Ginette
    • Unknown
    • Unknown
    • Kecel-Hátsági Benci
    • Sábo Dorka
    • Kecel-Hátsági Aba
    • Tajbo Bea