Ankerwycke Shoo Shoo Baby At Pendantry

Breed : German Shorthaired Pointer
Birthdate : 25th March 2006
Health Tested

Health Tests

Brie is our first German Shorthaired Pointer, hopefully our first of many. She is a working dog on a local shoot who loves to be part of the family in between seasons. She's got an amazing temperament not just in the field but with people and pets.


  • Parents
    • Symondsdean Uuiskaupunki
    • Ankerwycke Veuve Clicquot
  • Grand Parents
    • Symondsdean Rum Ttuffle
    • Symondsdean Pendant
    • Sh Ch Hillanhi Halvar
    • Keldey Bordelaise
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Sh Ch Hillanhi Hejne
    • Wanderfalk choice of Symondsdean
    • Sh Ch Barleyarch Polka
    • Symondsdean Gertrude
    • Sh Ch Hillanhi Soren of Panopal
    • Sh Ch Hillanhi Heisen
    • Mathams Con
    • Keldy Silver Queen
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Sh Ch miroku Anton from dallyvista
    • Sh Ch hillanhi laith
    • Wanderfalk Tiercel
    • Mitze of Tockholes
    • Ch Ft Ch Starfoot S obrig
    • Ch Barleyarch platinum
    • Sh Ch Barleyarch Panther
    • Wanderfalk choice of symondsdean
    • Sh Ch Miroku Anton from Dallyvista
    • Sh Ch hillanhi Laith
    • Ch Inchmarlo Ragot Mai
    • Sh Ch Hillanhi Laith
    • Minstrel Major
    • Mathams Arria
    • Mathams Choire
    • Trolanda Gull Billed Fern