Louiselyn Field of Dreams at Crisansa

Owner : Crisansa
Breed : Golden Retriever
Birthdate : 14th July 2008
Health Tested

Health Tests


  • Parents
    • Purbarn Gails n Golden Rain
    • Crisansa Collette
  • Grand Parents
    • CH Purbarn Xtra Thunderstorm
    • Purbarn Come Together
    • Fentop Fabrice at Crisansa
    • Crisansa Second Thoughts
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Lorinford Thunderstorm of Purbarn
    • Cinmarsh Creates Havoc at Purbarn
    • Gillbryn Water Bailiff JW
    • Purbarn Another Confusion
    • SH CH IR SH CH Erinderry Diamond Edge of Glenavis
    • Styal Sabathya for Fentop
    • Crisansa Acappela
    • Crisansa Afterthought
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Styal Souvenier of Nortonwood
    • Lorinford Playgirl
    • Bolberry Chaconne at Moorquest
    • Muskan Miss Demeanor of Moorquest
    • CH Ritzilyn Cockney Robin
    • Wyvan Unforgetable for Gillbryan
    • CH Purbarn Xtra Thunderstorm
    • Pearlbarn Confused with Purbarn
    • CH IR CH Papeta Philosopher
    • IR SH CH Erinderry Amber of Tyrol
    • SH CH LUX CH Kulawand Summer Magic
    • Styal Sacharissa
    • Edgeley Ere We Go Again
    • Cantel Bessie at Crisansa
    • Cantel Augustine
    • Sweet Nutmeg at Crisansa