OB CH Zakanja Beewyched (OW)

Ava (photo by C Bath)

Ava (photo by C Bath)

Owner : Zakanja
Breed : German Shepherd Dog
Birthdate : 4th March 2008
Health Tested

Health Tests

Ava is a very pretty normal coated bitch who is extremely sociable! She loves everyone she meets and really thinks she is a Labrador!

Following in the family footsteps Ava has now become an Obedience Champion just like her mother and her uncle. She won her 3 obedience CC's under Kit Clow and Kamal Fernandez in 2015 and under Diane Martin in 2016. To say I am proud of her is an understatement. Her 2 brothers compete in Working Trials. Zakanja Amnesia has gained his CDex qualification and Zakanja Alcazam has gained his CDEX and UD qualifications.

Ava's bloodlines are a gorgeous mix of West German show lines and East German Working Lines (DDR). These lines have been combined to produce stable temperaments with unexaggerated conformation.

Ava's first litter to Nikonis Maestro are looking to be excellent so far. We have super quality heads, conformation, coats and movement and most importantly wonderful temperaments. Her daughter from this litter is Zakanja High Wych (Jhana). Ava had a 2nd litter to Vonthurlow's Clyde in April 2014 from which we have retained a male Zakanja Golden Chance (more to follow on Tao in due course).
Ava's health tests are as follows:

Hips 4/6 = 10
Elbows 1/0 = 1
Eyes = Unaffected
CDRM = Clear


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Gotz Vom Grafental
    • Olita vom Grafental
    • Condor vom Grafental
    • Burga vom Grafental
    • Whisky Vom Bierstadter Hof
    • Ch Nikonis Elektra
    • Kableshan Rigal at Mortoff
    • Romeno Jaime
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Alf vom Kornersee
    • Tapsi Parchimer Land
    • Aras vom Grafental
    • Britt vom Bottcherstuck
    • Groll vom Trafalga
    • Afra vom Hainacker
    • Gotz vom Grafental
    • Ypsi vom Grafental
    • Ursus Von Batu
    • Fee Von Der Ajona Hutte
    • Voko Vom Monchberg
    • Nikonis Quina
    • Korado Avax
    • Kalbeshan Silka
    • Dark Vom Arolser Holz
    • Romeno Jools