Blacktors Orrtoff

Blacktors Orrtoff (RCC)

Blacktors Orrtoff (RCC)

photo by: Eric Studdard (Dec'd)

Owner : Blacktors
Breed : German Shepherd Dog
4th June 1995 - 3rd July 2005
Colour : Black & Gold

Being one of the top ten dogs in the country Clyde is yet again the proud father of Remy's puppies. See link to view details

Gaining his Reserve Challenge Certificate was a day to remember at Birmingham Championship show under Mr I Blackshaw.

See results page on our website ( to follow the offspring from Clyde and their progress in the show ring.


  • Parents
    • Champion Mortoff Marcus
    • Blacktors Helena
  • Grand Parents
    • Bedwins Barry
    • Mortoff Kora
    • Kemjon Natz of Jutone
    • Blacktors Charm
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Champion Bedwins Pirol
    • Bedwins Fritzi
    • Lido Vom Grauen
    • Mortoff Pretty Mandy
    • Amor Vom Kellerberg
    • Britta Vom Haus Gero
    • Anjous Koda
    • Blacktops Gina
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Double Sieger Uran Vom Wildersteigerland
    • Champion Panja Von Loher-Stein
    • Champion Lauser Vom Hausenborn
    • Bedwins Fenja
    • Double Sieger Quando Vom Arminius
    • Ulla Von Der Baiertalerstrasse
    • Jassdene Genesis
    • Ackwamaine Lady Blue
    • VA World Sieger Dingo Vom Haus Gero
    • Dina Haus Germany
    • Natz Von Arminius
    • Ulla Von Wildersteigerland
    • Labrasco Fidelio
    • Akzents Claudius at Anjou
    • Aragina Ajax
    • Blacktops Golden Beauty