Conquell Caughtyalooking

Conquell Caughtyalooking (left) and Rupert

Conquell Caughtyalooking (left) and Rupert

photo by: HG Linnett

Breed : Pug
Birthdate : 24th March 2008

Margo has done very well in the show ring qualifying for Crufts and winning several Best of Breed wins at shows.She has a wonderful charactor and is also a very correct example of the breed, she is very sound in her physical construction, having NO breathing problems, running daily with our GSD's ( as all our Pugs do) on our farm.
We pride ourselves in selecting breeding stock that will produce dogs that are correct as per the breed standard, but most importantly without any exaggeration that could cause physical problems, we always aim to breed dogs that can lead a normal life as part of the family.


  • Parents
    • Eastonite Dunnington Fred with Windleview
    • Poeeertenta Really Does It For Conquell
  • Grand Parents
    • Eastonite Silas mariner
    • Oraysha Cassandra of Eastonite
    • Eastonite Just William
    • Deja Laskawy Los( pol Imp)
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Tamborine Toto of eastonnite
    • Eastonite Patacake
    • Eastonite hakkinen
    • Marbleton Specially made for Oraysha
    • Ch.Patsgang Sir Eastonite JW.
    • Eastonite Issie
    • Little Prince in Memory of My Mother Past
    • Dima Laskawy Los
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • little rex of eastomnite
    • Winnie of eastonite
    • Eastonite dandylion
    • Eastonite viola
    • Eastoniteflyaway peter
    • Eastonite tango
    • Marbleton dust buster
    • marbleton maid marion
    • migamg carlby for patsgang
    • northside selene via kuseley
    • Tambourine toto of eastonite
    • Eastonite mercy
    • P.Ch kajtus Fuczalka
    • P.CH.Figa Bengodi
    • P.Ch.Boy Jaga-wit
    • Black star Szeroki step