Renescent Monsieur Alfonse

14 months

14 months

Owner : Renescent
Breed : Great Dane
Birthdate : 24th August 2008
Colour : Blue
Health Tested

Health Tests

Alfonse is a big gentle giant with the sweetest of characters a real pleasure to live with.
Having sired several litters and producing an Irish and International champion from his first litterhe is now available at stud to approved bitches.
As in life he is gentle with the ladies having succesful matings and litters every time he has been used.


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
    • Hotpoints Regal Blue Touch of Vanmore
    • Rayjen Dame Carruthers
    • Leamap Moonstruck JW
    • Blaufell Bombay Sapphire
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Kingsize Wanton Blue Warden
    • Nor Ch Hotpoints We Go Blue
    • Penodati Phinnians Rainbow at Nightsgift
    • Aldacoll Grand Duchess of Rayjen
    • Blaufell Blue Moon
    • Leamap Zanobia
    • Leamap Dutch Courage
    • Leamap Elizabethan Blue
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Fci Int Nor Dan Ch Hotpoints Welcome Mr Blue
    • Bantry Taghollow Back in Blue
    • Nord U CH Sirblue Jamie of Blubak
    • Vanmore Bloomin Lovely
    • Glentarn Big Bopper
    • Penodati Song Sung Blue
    • Zatella Grand Duke of Rayjen
    • Cenninpedr Kamsin with Aldacoll
    • Leamap Wild Card
    • Leamap Elizabethan Blue
    • CH Arnold V'T Buitengebeuren (
    • Leamap Fantasia
    • CH Arnold V'T Buitengebeuren
    • Leamap Fantasia
    • CH Endroma Leopold
    • Leamap Misty Morning