Elleonia Dark Delight at Bielcee

Dee Dee in full show coat

Dee Dee in full show coat

Owner : Bielcee
Breed : Lhasa Apso
Birthdate : 11th November 2005

Dee Dee is four years old. She is a dark brindle with a lovely temperament and a sweet character. She loves people and particularly children. She has been shown in the past but now prefers to lie on the sofa or go for long walks in the woods!


  • Parents
    • Elleonia on the Level
    • Elleonia Dark Phantasi
  • Grand Parents
    • Elleonia Another Level JW
    • Vivante Summer Dream of Elleonia
    • Absosengkye Sakyamuni at Domensa
    • Domensa's Token Gesture for Elleonia
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Ch Chethang Ferdinand
    • Elleonia Standing Ovation
    • Ch Zentarr Michaelangelo
    • Elleonia Enigma Variations
    • Ch Hashana Picture This at Sealaw
    • Absosengkye Tanith
    • Ch Botolph's Onesbeck's Sporting Gesture
    • Domensa's Mystical Lady
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Ch Chethang Nathan
    • Dimara Aunt Sally
    • Ch Angadema Applause
    • elleonia Picture Show
    • Vaderland's Vested Interest
    • Deelayne Hassle at Zentarr
    • Lingstoc Hi-Jacked by Domensa
    • Elleonia Enigma
    • Ch Sealaw Mr Mulligan
    • Ch Hashana Total Eclipse
    • Lingstoc Hi-Jacked by Domensa
    • Elleonia Shows the Way
    • Botolph's Georgio
    • Botolph's Sweet Charlotte at Onesbeck
    • Domensa's Dangerous Affair AT Gemshome
    • Botlph's Red Hot and Live at Domensa's