AM & CAN CH spindrift olivia at jamarhys (Imp)

Breed : Chow Chow
Birthdate : 19th November 2007
Health Tested

Health Tests

imported from Canada at 10 months of age.


  • Parents
    • desert dawn oughta be n outlaw
    • shanghais prissy missy
  • Grand Parents
    • chinabear leather n spur
    • susq causin a bar room brawl
    • shanghais nepoleon
    • shanghais whipped cream
  • Great Grand Parents
    • kobys mc k jr at elderado
    • chinabear ruffles n frills
    • xishans top gun
    • susq jenz diamonds n dreams
    • shanghais nickleodeon
    • shanghais kim ki sul
    • tansek's dim sum n then some
    • tanseksiteka maitea rzeppa
  • Great Great Grand Parents