Shellmead Anja

Shellmead Anja  getting ready for the show ring

Shellmead Anja getting ready for the show ring

Shellmead Anja ( pet name Kira )

Shellmead Anja ( pet name Kira )

Breeder : Shellmead
Breed : German Shepherd Dog
Birthdate : 26th February 2007
Health Tested

Health Tests

SG Shellmead Anja is homebred and has turned out to be a stunning speciman of the breed, black and red in colour, she is SG rated and has always been in the top 3 at championship shows, her construction and movement is within the breed standard of the kennel club requirements, correct type, she is a valuble asset to our kennel's and very proudly owned, she has an outstanding temperament with the willingness to work and play with an off and on switch, her temperament is second to none, this to me is the most important asset to any animal, she has become a very beloved part of our family enjoying her so much which she has passes on to her offspring, you can see more of Shellmead Anja on my website by clicking her picture on our female's page.


  • Parents
    • Silverleigh Shanto Xano
    • Shotaan Shalome
  • Grand Parents
    • Shanto's Xano
    • Silverleigh Jinnie
    • Wind Von Bierstaderhof
    • CH Shotaan Tsana
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Flick Von Arlett
    • Romy Van Huize Hintdock
    • Greenveldt Tadd
    • Silverleigh Yvonn
    • Ursus Von Batu
    • Fee Von Der Ajona Hutte
    • CH Rafaye Igel From Shotaan's
    • Shotaan Rikki
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Yago Vom Wildsteiger Land
    • Ursa Von Arlett
    • Fedor Von Arminius
    • Nora Van Huize Hintdock
    • Vopo Vom Kirschental
    • Orga Vom Arminius
    • Bedwins Guildo
    • Hobby Vom Gletschertopf
    • Verena Von Batu
    • Unesco Vom Bierstadter
    • Quanda Vom Lechtal
    • Igel Von Wollenhaupt
    • Hella Von Der Roten Matter
    • CH Shotaan's Fella
    • Shotaan's Pischa