Greyspirit Lady of the Loch



photo by: Mcintosh

Breeder : Greyspirit Weimaraners
Breed : Weimaraner
Birthdate : 16th March 2009
Colour : Silver Grey

Boo landed on her feet when she went off home with Ada and her family. Daughter Holly is a professional photographer and Boo is already an accomplished model.
Boo's sister Amber lives along the road, so they get to meet up regularly and go to training classes and on walks together. They don't half confuse the neighbours though, as they can't tell which is which - unless they're together that is.
What lucky sisters they are.


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Am Ch Windwalkers Graeagle
    • Am Ch Silversmith Lady Gracie
    • Am & Can Ch Adlegrau Surf N' The Internet
    • Silversmith Moonlight Waltz
    • Am Ch Nani'S Class Clown at Tasairgid (Imp. Usa)
    • Tasairgid Hot Property
    • Sh Ch Gunalt Sum of Brownbank JW
    • Tasairgid Pure Ded Brilyant
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Am Ch Nani's N TopHats Backlash
    • Am Ch Windwalker's Gemborie
    • Am Ch Cameo's Island Hunter
    • Am Ch Telmar's Gayna Silversmith
    • Am Ch Cameo's Island Hunter
    • Am & Can Ch Wonwish Upon A Travel N' Star
    • Am Ch Silversmith Star Qtrback
    • Am Ch Silversmith Ultra Page Maker
    • Am Ch Nani'S Baht A Pack A Troublejh Cd V Brom
    • Am Ch Nani'S Kookaburra Brom
    • Khamsynn Cardinal Synn
    • Tasairgid Trade Mark JW
    • Sh Ch Gunalt Finn
    • Sh Ch Gunalt Subject
    • Sh Ch/Ir Sh Ch Gunalt Harris Tweed
    • Khamsynn Class Act From Tasairgid