Laurenchi Simply Red

bouncy Ruby

bouncy Ruby

photo by: L Humphreys

Owner : AMARANTOS Chihuahuas
Breed : Smooth Coat Chihuahua
Birthdate : 1st February 2007

Ruby is a daughter of 'Natalie' x 'Mastermind' a red /sable girl of good conformation and size. She has a feminine head and perfect scissor bite. A little naughty in as much as she can climb in and out of where ever she wants! so baby gates don't trouble her at all. . . . .


  • Parents
    • Veejim Mastermind Audels
    • Coltham Natalie at Laurenchi
  • Grand Parents
    • Perimeade a Star is Born
    • Veejim Euro Duty Free
    • Coltham Thornton
    • Coltham Enchantment
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Veejim Euro Shockwave to Alltoyways
    • Perimeade North Star
    • Ch. Dachida's Lady Killer
    • Veejim Euro Flame
    • Ch. Natimuk Piers
    • Pretty Tango at Coltham
    • Copymear Cast a Spell
    • Cleopy Blaze of Glory for Coltham
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Ch. Dachida's Aim to Kill
    • Veejim in Print
    • Ch. Copymear Court Jester
    • Perimeade Mexican Queen
    • Sventra Super Blue
    • Ch. Dachida's Killer Queen
    • Ch. Dachida's Aim to Kill
    • Nikitos Nudge Nudge
    • Natimuk Hubert
    • Natimuk Alice
    • Fordepark Young Leo
    • Gena Serena Polly
    • Copymear Sings the Blues
    • Ch. Veejim Jenny Wren at Copymear
    • Hamaja Del Boy
    • Cleopy Disco Inferno