ragmarte liberty bell

libs enjoying the snow

libs enjoying the snow

Breeder : ragmarte
Breed : Bulldog
8th April 2004 - 14th July 2015

libby was the only one in the litter so needless to say she had to stay she is no show dog but she is an absolute darling full of character and the temprament of an angel much loved and missed terribly


  • Parents
    • ocobo golden icon mystyle
    • ragmarte cookies dream
  • Grand Parents
    • ch mystyle golden wonder
    • ocobo rosemarie
    • slaghek all the way ocobo
    • stowgate symphony
  • Great Grand Parents
    • ch merriveen make my day
    • hyten hope n desire for mystyle
    • ocobo pola
    • terlingfair english rose at ocobo
    • ch belheddon tilson
    • land of freedoms byou at slaghek
    • ch ocobo just do it
    • kentee camelia
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • ch esclusham golden chimes of wencar
    • merriveen milady
    • ch medbull gold dust over kelloe
    • wyecaple all in the game with hyten
    • britishpride no fear at mystyle
    • sadlers choice of ocobo
    • ch ocobo tully
    • in for a penny
    • kingrock pugilist
    • the river dancer
    • lux & french ch sandean sir maxim
    • absolute beginner slaghek
    • ocobo user friendly bronorn
    • bronorn al-essa
    • stowgate alexander the great
    • kenjoy white lilac