Cassatess Conquistador

Callum on his 14th birthday

Callum on his 14th birthday

Owner : Cassatess
Breed : Golden Retriever
28th December 1995 - 7th March 2011

Sadly Callum was put to sleep on 7th March 2011. He was the grand age of 15 years.

Callum was a great favourite here at Cassatess. He got on well with everyone and all the rest of the pack. He was Josh's minder when Josh was a puppy. When Lottie was in the first stage of whelping her first litter it was Callum she snuggled up to for comfort.

He was the first dog of mine to qualify for Crufts. And I have many good memories of him. Over the years he has been my companion, my confidant, my cuddly teddy bear, always there to give me a cuddle when I needed it. He was loved by us all.

Run free at Rainbow Bridge, Callum my lovely boy. Til we meet again.


  • Parents
    • Bolberry Chaconne at Moorquest
    • Cassatess Ariadne
  • Grand Parents
    • Ch Meant to be at Moorquest
    • Penelope Pippin of Bolberry
    • Denmarella Just a Jester
    • Kidston Santorini of Cassatess
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Ch Moorquest Mugwump
    • Ortanique Outstep
    • Sh Ch Westley Munro of Nortonwood
    • Nortonwood Rosebud
    • Golcrest Game of Chance
    • Denmarella Cherry Blossom
    • Kidston Daiquiri
    • Kidston Tarentaise
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Deerflite Tradition of Janville
    • Caprice of Yeo
    • Glennessa Escapade
    • Janville Quaintesse of Ortanique
    • Ch Nortonwood Faunus
    • Ch Westley Victoria
    • Sh Ch Nortonwood Checkmate
    • Nortonwood Michief
    • Ch Meant to be at Moorquest
    • Golcrest Ginglewood
    • Sh Ch Portcullis Napoleon
    • Denmarella Cotton Blossom
    • Sh Ch Lorinford Lancelot
    • Kidston Linnet
    • Pinecrest Pioneer of Kidston
    • Braydan Lisa Lehtonen of Kidston