chartan raven beauty

Raven with my Grandchild Tayla

Raven with my Grandchild Tayla

Owner : Chartan
Breed : Gordon Setter
31st August 2002 - 11th September 2014
Health Tested

Health Tests

Raven, is my most bubbly of the Gordons, quite talkative and biddable. She just had the one litter by Kilnrae French Toast and I am delighted with them. One boy is a Dutch Junior Champion - Chartan Brooklyn, (Beejay). Chartan Summer of Dubhagusdonn (Summer) has qualified for Crufts and has a Certificate of Merit in field trials and her Daughter Chartan Luna Lovegood of Dubhagusdonn also has a Certificate of Merit in field trials. Another son Chartan Elijah Blue (Wooster), has also qualified for Crufts and is training hard too. Raven has a hip score of 3/5 = 8 and has recently had her eyes tested for PRA and was certified clear, as was her mother (Boyers Saphire at Chartan) and 3 of her half sisters and brother. Raven has been shown and is worked regulary , grouse counting spring and summer. She has competed in field trials and although not ever getting the elusive C.O.M. she has been award the "Guns Choice" rosette twice and has had some lovely runs and finds. just never getting it all together at the right time. Affectionately know at home at the Raven Loony! I lost my Raven Loony back in September 2014 but have found it hard to put the fact in print. She had pyometra and sadly couldnt survive it. Such a funny character, luckily we have her Grand-daughter Coco (C. Hermione Grainger) and her daughter Treacle (C. Treacle Tart) So her funny ways live on.


  • Parents
    • Ch Yennadon Prime Time
    • Boyers Saphire at Chartan
  • Grand Parents
    • Winterwood Piper in the Mist
    • Yennadon Zest
    • Portroyal Buran
    • Amscot Star Belle of Boyers
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Ch. Boyers Shah at Yennadon
    • Kyuna Faerie Lace of Winterwood
    • Ch . Boyers Shah at Yennadon
    • Yennadon Firecrest
    • Winterwood Willow
    • Boyers Ski
    • Amscot Soy of Boyers
    • Amscot La Belle
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Amscot Georgia Gunsmoke
    • Ch. Singh of Boyers
    • Winterwood Willow
    • Kyuna Faerie Nuff
    • Amscot Georgia Gunsmoke
    • Ch. Singh of Boyers
    • Sh.Ch. Boyers Seil
    • Honeywick Orocarni at Yennadon
    • Sh.Ch. Winterwood Thundercloud
    • Sh.Ch. Kyuna Faerie Queene of Winterwood
    • Benlaurie Dipper of Ensay
    • Ch. Boyers Syce
    • Sh.Ch. Boyers Seil
    • Amscot Caroline Classic
    • Sh.Ch. Boyers Seil
    • Sh.Ch. Inkersall Gold Finch of Amscot