Goldingale My Choise For Hopevalley ShCM

Indy - March 05

Indy - March 05

photo by: Mandy Romeo-Dieste

Indy - January 2006 aged 9 years

Indy - January 2006 aged 9 years

photo by: Mandy Romeo-Dieste

Owner : Hopevalley
Breed : Flat Coated Retriever
3rd October 1996 - 11th May 2008
Health Tested

Health Tests

By Fossdyke Illustrious
ex Ch Goldingale Apple Blossom.

Simply - My best boy,
Very sadly, Indy was PTS at the age of 11 years and 9 mths.
He was my darling boy and I miss him so much.

'You'll always be a part of me,
And in my heart you'll always be
Fly, fly away, my sweet Butterfly'


Indy totally enjoys life! Spoiled me completely, as he is so eager to please that he gives everything 100%. He makes the others I show seem like hard work!
A fantastic first proper show dog.

Indy has multiple Best of Breeds and Group placings at open shows including 2 All Breed Open Show Best in Show awards, 1 Gundog Group Best in Show , Reserve Best Dog at FCRS open show June 1999.

In 2004 Indy was placed in all his Veteran classes. His major wins were.....
1st Veteran Dog & RCC - Bath
Best Dog (from vet), Best in Show & Best Veteran in Show - NEFRA (May)
Best Dog (again from vet),Reserve Best in Show & Best Veteran in Show - NEFRA (Nov)
1st Veteran Dog, Best Veteran in Breed & Best Veteran In Show - URC champ
Many open show Best of Breeds.

Not shown much during 2005, but still won...
1st Open dog, Best of Breed & Reserve Best in Show - URC Open show
1st Veteran dog - Bath
1st Veteran dog - City of Birminham
Best of Breed and Best in Show - Goyt Valley Gundog Society in November, which gave him the Show Certificate of Merit. A very proud moment!

At 10 years old Indy will only come out for the veteran classes in 2006, so far he has won..
1st AV Veteran & BVIS - URC open
2nd Veteran dog - FCRCS champ
2nd Veteran dog - Bath
2nd Veteran dog - Southern Counties
1st Veteran dog - Windsor
1st Veteran dog - National Gundog
2nd Veteran dog - Darlington
1st Veteran Dog & BVIS - FCRCS Open show (challenging against his kennel mate Braemist Morning Star Over Hopevalley, who won veteran bitch!)

2007 started well with...
Best Veteran - Stoke on Trent & District Gundog Club
2nd Veteran Dog - Manchester Champ Show
Best of Breed, Gundog Group and Reserve Best in Show at Coalville & District Canine Society.

In 2008, Indy only attended three shows, he gained..
2nd Veteran Dog - Manchester
1st AV Veteran (10+) & BVIS Sutton Coldfield Opens Show
2nd Veteran Dog - FCRS Champ show (his last show)

He has passed the KC Good Citizen Bronze, Silver & Gold tests.

Spent a couple of seasons picking up, but I don't really have enough interest in it. Has his Show Gundog Working Certificate.

DNA tested, carries only Black.
Glaucoma clear.


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
    • Ch Llecan Gambit
    • Fossdyke Finale
    • AmCh Fossdyke Helmesman of Shargleam
    • Ch Shargleam Wood Fern of Goldingale
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Ch Shargleam Kingfisher
    • ShCh Llecan Dove
    • Ch Shargleam Kestrel
    • Ch Rase Iona of Fossdyke
    • Ch Shargleam Black Thorn
    • Ch Paddiswood Burnt Lobelia
    • Branchalwood Skye at Cleovine
    • Shargleam Linnet
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Ch/IrCh Shargleam Blackcap
    • Ch Withybed Country Maid of Shargleam
    • Oakmoss Woodpecker of Shogun
    • Moelsowood Egyptian Lady of Llecan
    • Ch/IrCh Shargleam Blackcap
    • Ch Shargleam Water Pipit
    • Norton Royal & Regal
    • Rase Lapwing
    • Ch Shargleam Kestrel
    • Ch Withybed Country Maid of Shargleam
    • Wizardwood Tawney Owl
    • Heronsflight Burn Sugar of Paddiswood
    • Ch Shargleam Fieldfare
    • Ch Branchalwood Frisa
    • Ch/IrCh Shargleam Blackcap
    • Ch Shargleam Water Pipit