Tagstane Tir Na Nog



Owner : Tagstane
Breed : Staffordshire Bull Terrier
21st October 2003 - 1st October 2014
Health Tested

Health Tests

Molly was bred here at Tagstane, she has been retired from the show-ring for a few years. She is full of confidence and loves nothing more then to play in the fields surrounding our home. She has given us some beautiful puppies and we're very proud of her. Although she is no longer with us she lives on in her Granddaughter Tagstane Fuchsia Struck and Great Grandson Tagstane Cinderella Man.


  • Parents
    • Crossguns Dipper Davis at Tagstane
    • Crossguns Prudie Trudie at Tagstane
  • Grand Parents
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Crashkon Jacko Blue
    • Crashkon Black Penny
    • Crossguns Billy Black
    • Aradaz Susie's Perfect Lady
    • Valglo Albertini
    • Valglo Valencia
    • CH.Crossguns Revolution
    • CH.Valglo Corolla
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • CH.Blitstaff Mad'o'Rourke
    • Crashkon Taboo
    • CH.Lethal Weapon of Crashkon
    • Crashkon Summer Breeze
    • Dumbriton Special Brew at Berlscarg
    • Moosskel Bleached Beaut at Crossguns
    • CH.Springsteen Boy
    • Cyanide Susie
    • CH.Vanoric Voo Doo
    • Valglo Avensis
    • CH.Bullyview Alright Mate
    • CH.Valglo Corolla
    • CH.Debrella Jamaica Rum of Dumbriton
    • Crossguns Smooth Action
    • CH.Debrella Scotch on the Rocks of Dumbriton
    • Valdau Ecilpse