Liquorice Miss

Mary as a puppy

Mary as a puppy

photo by: l Thompson

Owner : Meadowline
Breed : Labrador Retriever
Birthdate : 20th June 2008
Health Tested

Health Tests

I am very proud to introduce Mary. She is a daughter of Robert and a line bred granddaughter to my lovely Hannah.
In Mary I have something very special, a part of Hannah. Mary is very like her gran in many ways ,having Hannahs love of all things human especially children. Mary is not shown much as she goes working every Sunday to a fab training club, West Lancs gundog Club with the most patient trainer I have met !
She has been on a shoot and didnt let the side down by staying close by my side and not running in when the guns went off. She retrieved a red partridge from the river then went on to find another in the maize with only a hand signal from me. Not bad for a 16 month old who was a hooligan when she was a puppy.
I have a soft spot for mary as she is full of mischief but i LOVE HER TO BITS. Mary has a hipscore of 3/3.