Kricarno Krystal Kleer

Owner : Kricarno
Breed : Pyrenean Mountain Dog
2nd October 1999 - 13th June 2012
Health Tested

Health Tests

Korri is Kimmi's ( Kricarno krystal Kool) mum out of our Ch.Shanlimore Merry Maid of Kricarno,(Katie) and Gran mother to Kracker ( Kricarno Khoirboy) she is a lovely girl who is very gentle, soft and very willing to do anything she is asked, last year (2008) she won her first CC out of Veteran, ( she already has 3 RCC's ) at the grand old age of 10 years old, she still loves the attention of the show ground, and does get upset when we leave her at home to go to a show, she knows that someone is going as soon as the bath is brought out for whoever is going to be bathed to go to the comming show. She was a great mum and is still a very good mum and gran mum to her daughter and granchildren. Now retired from showing, ( untill she decides differant) she is leading a life of luxury with her Mum and Brother -Kye ( Kricarno Kaptorvator) indoors and infront of the fire, and going for gentle walks with the other two every day and sitting in our human garden in whitch the youngesters can not get into and desturb their peaceful dreams.


  • Parents
    • Sketrick Connoisseur
    • CH Shanlimore Merry Maid of Kricarno
  • Grand Parents
    • Tarcalion Halfling Pippin
    • Sketrick Beguiling
    • Lydaub Superior
    • Ch.Shanlimore Karousel
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Venkersh Conquistador at Tarcalion
    • Carabrae Love in the Mist at Tarcalion
    • Carabrae Hugo
    • Awton Connextion with Carabrae
    • AM & Eng. CH. Whispering Pines Andre of Valcarlos
    • CH. Lydaub Allure
    • CH. Cheralex Knight to remember
    • Shanlimore Ice Breaker
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • AM & Eng. CH. Whispering Pines Andre of Valcarlos
    • Shanlimore Rag 'A' Muffin of Venkersh
    • L'Amour De La Griffe D'Ours
    • Something New at Carabrae
    • Carabrae Blue Impressions
    • Larousse De La Griffe D'Ours
    • Carabrae Choir Boy
    • Strawberry Fields of Awton
    • AM & Eng CH. Starlaxy Halleys Comet
    • AM & Can CH. Whispering Pines Tara
    • CH. Narrebar De Winter Commanche
    • CH. Tredower Trevise
    • Mischevious Maestro at Cheralex
    • Awton Louisiana
    • Shanlimore Delectable of Kington
    • CH. Shanlimore Francesca