Creusa Shinning Star at Shepalian

Owner : Shepalian
Breed : German Shepherd Dog
27th July 2001 - 24th February 2012
Health Tested

Health Tests

Tarka was bought to do working trials, but due to a very serious accident to her front leg has never competed.
She is my very soppy guard dog, barks and then lets the Aussies take over, would rather lick you than bite. She has a lovely temperement and is very much mums baby. Is another one who loves my grandchildren whom she lickes to death. They might have food!!! She is always found with a toy in her mouth and enjoys playing.
Still Loves to work and is still very happy and very healthy at over 10 1/2 years old. Although a little slow these days.
It is with great sorrow we have lost our beloved Tarka. Even the Aussies seem to be missing her. Rest in Peace our adorable girl.


  • Parents
    • Creusa Anka at Amenbury
    • Tarcott Delight of Creusa
  • Grand Parents
    • CH. Mortoff Marcus
    • Creusa Gold Princess
    • Held V Susannenhain
    • Jutones Tosca
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Bedwins Barry
    • Mortoff Kora
    • Riversbrook Zorca
    • Creusa Warrior Queen
    • Ch.V.A. Mark V. Haus Beck
    • Tessa V.D. Ville
    • Kemjon Natz of Jutone
    • Jutones Vogue
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Ch. Bedwins Pirol
    • Bedwins Fritz
    • Lido Von Graven
    • Mortoff Pretty Handy JW
    • Ch. Gerswenik Zum Bethany
    • Riversbrook High Hopes
    • Black Tiger at Isncol
    • Creusa Sweet Charity
    • Ch.V.A. Fedor V. Arminius
    • Quina V. Arminilis
    • Argus V Papageien Haus
    • Halve V.D. Ville
    • V1 Amor V Kellerbue
    • Britta V Haus Gero
    • Jutones Casanova
    • Jutones Natasha