Equiside Fenya

Fenya at 22 months

Fenya at 22 months

photo by: Equiside

Breed : German Shepherd Dog
Birthdate : 18th March 2008
Health Tested

Health Tests

Fenya is a little star,bred out of our own Binnie by our own Rudi
She just has so much personality and loves everyone, she is also a fantastic sociable bitch who has the personality of ten, Fenya has a wonderful home living with Neil and is very much a part of his family


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
    • Artos Von Ohlenkopf
    • Beinhard Delphi
    • Quando Von Vierhundert Hertz
    • Lindanvale Oduscha
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Champion Xandra Von Bad Boll
    • Ussi Von Ohlenkopf
    • Beinhard Tommi
    • Leda Vom Monchberg
    • Quando Vom Sofienwald
    • Hummel Von Vierhundert Hertz
    • Calagran Casey
    • Lindanvale Jenna
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • World Champion Ghandi Arlett
    • Sienara Von Bad Boll
    • Champion Scott Von Deodatus
    • Hexi Von Ohlenkopf
    • Champion Kimbo Vom Momchberg
    • Ulfine Von Bad Boll
    • Champion Zito Von Noriswand
    • Tanny Vom Monchberg
    • Flex Von Tronje
    • Champion Anabel Vom Sofienwald
    • Cento Vom Monopteros
    • Xana Von Vierhundert Hertz
    • Caressa Classic Crusader
    • Calagran Yasmin
    • CH Lindanvale Vegas
    • Makris Tina Of Lindanvale