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Sly age 10

Sly age 10

photo by: Carmen Burgess

Owner : NEMRAC
Breed : Weimaraner
29th September 1999 - 25th October 2011

I am very sad to say we have lost our handsome boy. He was put to sleep in my arms to save further suffering. He made it to his twelth birthday, but that was not long enough for us. We are left devastated and heart broken. He was a gent to the end, their will never be another like him. Love you Sly, be happy with Rosie till we meet again xx
Sly was constantly placed in the cards dispite being a bit of a giant height wise. He did get awarded a third place at Crufts.
He is the best natured dog in the world, completely trustworthy in every way. Very lazy, we hardly know we've got him as he loves his sleep, but he is now elevan years old. However saying all that he soon comes alive when it's time for food or a walk!


  • Parents
    • SH CH Gunalt Maxim
    • Harelferg Bang On
  • Grand Parents
    • SH CH Gunalt Excess
    • SH CH Gunalt Obsession
    • SH CH Gunalt Spot On
    • Cloddach May Blossom for Harelferg
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    • Gunalt Eternity
    • SH CH Flimmoric Fanclub
    • Gunalt Joy
    • SH CH Hansom Portman of Gunalt
    • Nanchan Bresica of Gunalt
    • Maisefield Roebuck at Coddach
    • Maisefield Girl Friday
  • Great Great Grand Parents