IR Sh CH Lassemista Calypso

Breed : Weimaraner
Birthdate : 16th January 2008

As Calypso matures she is looking more and more like her Mum, Poppy, and is starting to emulate her success.
We ventured over to Ireland, where Long Hairs are a separate breed, for the Munster Circuit in August 2011. There are 6 shows with Green Stars on offer - Calypso was awarded 6 out of 6! I returned in October to try for number 7, and again she succeeded which makes her the first long haired Irish Show Champion. She is also the first longhaired bitch Show Champion in the British Isles.
She has had one previous litter to Show Champion Morganna Millerson
They were short haired puppies - as I could not find a suitable longhaired dog. Litter all sold


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