Walamadengie Exquisite

Owner : Walamadengie
Breed : Rhodesian Ridgeback
Birthdate : 5th March 2003
Health Tested

Health Tests

Biba is a girl that we never expected to be with us as she was sold at eight weeks of age to a couple who then decided to emigrate to South Africa. We had her back with us with the intention to find another loving home but once we had her back a week we couldn't bare to part with her as she has a lovely temperament and settled into our family having a special bond especially with her grandad Kruger who took her under his wing. We took Biba to training classes with the intention of showing her but Biba is far to sociable for the show scene only wanting to play with the other dogs around her rather than competing with them! Resembling both her mum Connie & Her sister Ellie, she is a lovely mix of the two.


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
    • NíKunde Kosta Kurta
    • Gunthwaite Alicia
    • IRE CH. Chrisona Lomu of Flametrees
    • Walamadengie Serra
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Leo Meki of NíKunde
    • Honeybunch Girl
    • Gunthwaite Avenger
    • Gunthwaite Ameila
    • GB. & IRE CH. Mursil Huntsmaster of Barca
    • Edmonstones Delilah
    • GB. & IRE CH. Mursil Huntsmaster of Barca
    • Catrine Abbi
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Brinstead Bully Boy
    • Bronwin Kizzy
    • Gunthwaite Assassin
    • Castle View Princess
    • Ch. Iannto of Janak
    • Gunthwaite Azari
    • Nhema of Gunthwaite (Imp Sud)
    • Amega of Gunthwaite
    • Ch Rejan Qualitaire
    • Shona of Burnockholm
    • Glanzerie Paleface (Imp)
    • Mnuchi Sweet Princess
    • CH. Rejan Qualitaire
    • Shona of Burnockholm
    • Gunthwaite Jester
    • Durham Hill Kipper