Midnight Dazzler at Derohan

Desmond on the move

Desmond on the move

photo by: Pauline Oliver

photo by: Dewerstone

Breed : Whippet
Birthdate : 1st August 2007
Health Tested

Health Tests

Sound moving, elegant and correct sized black dog with a lovely laid back temperament, siring lots of colours!!! Consistent winner at all levels


  • Parents
    • Kayanessy Black Magic
    • Laudessa Cosmic Creation
  • Grand Parents
    • Measure for Measure
    • Little Suzette
    • Lord of the Dance with Laudessa
    • Selinko Opal Lady with Laudessa
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Kaymark Wille Wonker at Redbar
    • Rum Po Po Fleetway
    • Dark Dancer
    • Tinker's Folly
    • Barnesmore Little Chief
    • Selinko Shamela
    • Ch Welstar Red Robin
    • Selinko Sateen
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Kaymark Just Willie
    • Kaymark Set the Fashion
    • Stormalong Black Archer
    • Pondiver Sierra
    • Motown Magic
    • Perfect Pitch
    • Avismar Toby Jug
    • Avismar Melody
    • Savuka The Minstrel
    • Barnesmore Painted Lady
    • Camette Campbell at Canasta
    • Selinko Another Dream
    • Gorwynne Reed Bunting of Baldey
    • Welstar Reflections
    • Bluestreak Golden Fleece at Selinko
    • Deneer Prima Donna at Selinko