Di of the Manor

Di of the Manor '' Sophie ''

Di of the Manor '' Sophie ''

photo by: Jayne Barber

Breed : Cocker Spaniel
Birthdate : 6th May 2004

Sophie is a lovely natured cocker spaniel. She is white with lemon ears.
She works regularly doing 50 to 60 days picking up a season working in a team of 3 dogs. She is an outstanding little dog.


  • Parents
    • F T Ch Whaupley Reiver
    • Addlekeld Adele
  • Grand Parents
    • F T Ch Rigfoot Teal
    • Maesydderwen Suki
    • Golden Grove Sabre of Rowston
    • Howebrook Teal
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Anahar Whirlwind
    • Beechcroft Raven
    • F T Ch Maesydderwen Jackdaw
    • F T Ch Wernffrwd Kathleen
    • Rowston Teal of Maesydderwen
    • Maesydderwen Beauty
    • Castlebrae Cocktail
    • Parkbreck Mallie
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • F T Ch James of Anahar
    • F T Ch Tayburn Valentina
    • Yogi of Islabane
    • Peat Brown
    • F T Ch Housty Solo
    • F T Ch Wintonwildfowl Dotterel
    • F T Ch Maesydderwen Kestrel
    • F T Ch Wernffrwd Silk
    • F T Ch Stoorie of Laighpark
    • F T Ch Ginger Imp of Rowston
    • F T Ch Housty Solo
    • F T Ch Wernffrwd Melingoch
    • Rust Red Boy
    • F T Ch Kate of Swallowlaw
    • F T Ch Jade of Livermere
    • Kenar Opel