Kricarno krystal Karresha

Kricarno Krystal Karresha ( Krumpet )

Kricarno Krystal Karresha ( Krumpet )

Owner : Kricarno
Breed : Pyrenean Mountain Dog
Birthdate : 12th November 2008

Krumpet is full litter sister to Kracker, although totally diferent in nature she is always looking for trouble and if there is not any to be found she will make some, up to date she has only been shown once because she has had an eye infection and also whilst digging the biggest hole in the garden she managed to take the skin off her nose and ended up with a big red blob on the end of it, but her one time in the ring earned her 2nd place out of 7 other pups her age and qualified her for Crufts in 2010. She's a fun girl,- no - is not a word in her vocabulary, she needs to try everything from eating the roses to chaseing all the others with a full or nearly full water bucket to see who she can drown the quickest, normanly it's her brother or her uncle, we are use to her, as she is her mothers daughter and Kimmi use to do all the same sort of things when she was that age, and if the feeling gets her will still try to do the same now at the age of 5 !and living with two lovely people with another PMD and is still full of mischief and I see her quite often.


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    • Hija Des Alpes Bernoises
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    • Carabrae Chapeau de Napolleon
    • Sketrick Beguiling
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • INT CH Estom Du Comte De Foix
    • Working Pyrenean Mountain Dog
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    • Fidgy De Notre Dam Des Neiges
    • Tarcalion Halfling Pippin
    • Sketrick Beguiling
    • Lydaub Superior
    • CH.Shanlimore Karousel
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