photo by: Louise Tope (Dewerstone)

Tamu at 5 months

Tamu at 5 months

photo by: Kim Ellis

Tamu age 3 years & Golden friends

Tamu age 3 years & Golden friends

photo by: Julia Barnes

Breed : Basenji
Birthdate : 5th December 2008
Colour : Tricolour
Health Tested

Health Tests

** After a two year absence from the show ring, Tamu returned in style at Crufts 2016 winning 1st Veteran Dog (his first appearance in veteran) and the Reserve Dog Challenge Certificate, his second Res CC at Crufts and his third class win from four appearances there. Huge thanks to Ashleigh Frost (Bushwacker) for handling Tamu, may have to get him out a bit more now .... **

** At last, Tamu has gained his crown, winning the Dog CC at East of England Championship Show under long time breed specialist Jane Gostynska (Bubas)! It took Pepper four weeks to gain her title, it has taken Tamu four years, I thought the third CC woud never come, three years waiting! He now has 3 CCs and 3 Res CCs and will now be semi-retired, having CC, Res CC and Champion progeny from his three litters sired**

** Tamu has only been to a handful of shows during 2012, but has finished the year by obtaining the final Open Show points he needed for his Show Certificate of Merit **

** Tamu wins the Reserve Dog CC (his second) at the LKA Championship Show December 2011, beaten only by his younger red/white full brother, who went on to win the Hound Group and Reserve Best in Show. The judge wrote he would have had no hesitation in signing the big green card, fingers crossed ... he now has 2 CCs and 2 Res CCs, including Crufts 2011 **

** Tamu wins the Dog CC (his second) and Best of Breed at Windsor Championship Show July 2011 **

** Tamu wins Best of Breed, the Hound Group and Best in Show in an entry of 788 dogs at Newton Abbot & South Devon Open Show 27th August 2011**

After waiting patiently for four and a half years, my long awaited Basenji puppy is here! 'Tamu' means 'sweet' in Swahili, I hoped he would stay that way ...

I booked a puppy from his breeders Trish Hallam and Dee Hardy as soon as I found out they were having a 'Tootsie' baby from the United States, before his mum was even born! Trish and I have been friends since we were 18 years old and that's a long time ..........

Tamu's mum 'Millie' was an American Champion before she even hit these shores, as was his dad 'Riley' two years her junior. Both gained their British Champion titles very quickly. Millie has not only been the top winning Basenji bitch in the UK of all time, but has been unbeaten at Crufts winning Best of Breed four times as well as being Group 3 there and has been Best in Show at more than one Championship Show. After every big win, I had to keep enquiring of Trish and Dee if I was still on the list for a puppy!

American Champion Arabrac's Mountain Mamba is in Millie's extended pedigree and he was the tricolour dog (born in 1978, the same year as my first Basenji) I had dreamed of seeing in the flesh. He has been my pin up boy ever since and I always hoped to own one of his ancestors.

I was extremely lucky to have second pick after Trish and although Tamu was the naughtiest puppy, he stole my heart, though my head was saying 'be sensible and have the red and white boy'! His red and white sister stayed with his breeders.

He has proved a challenge and definitely has more than his share of the quarter monkey inherent in all Basenjis. In fact 'Monkey' is his nick name. He loves people and all girl dogs, though being a typical male, he now has his 'moments' with boys. Everyone is impressed with Tamu's friendly nature with people and he has developed a whole host of admirers. Tamu does not attend all the shows with Basenji classes, as unfortunately Hounds are usually scheduled on different days to Gundogs.

Tamu's brother won the dog CC age 6 months 1 day, becoming the youngest CC winner ever. He did behave perfectly, whereas Tamu lived up to his nick name and tricolour reputation and misbehaved. Once Tamu had learnt to behave in the show ring, countless Championship Show firsts followed and he was Best Dog and Best Puppy at Three Counties Championship Show, Best Puppy in Show at his 'practice' Companion Dog Show, Best Any Variety Hound as well as Best AV Hound Puppy at his first Open Show and at Poole & DCS Open Show won AV Hound Puppy, the Hound Puppy Group and Best Puppy in Show - all of these wins at only six months old.

He started 2010 by winning his class at Crufts and Best of Breed at the South West Hound Club Open Show. More Championship Show wins followed but I was absolutely gutted and disappointed to miss his Junior Warrant by one point due to lack of numbers in the Ch Show classes. Tamu now largely stays at home, as his qualities for some reason seem to be overlooked when it comes to top honours. He won Best of Breed in a nice entry at Bath Championship Show in May 2010 and from just four Championship Show outings in 2010 won all of his classes and the Dog CC and Reserve Best in Show at the Basenji Owners & Breeders Championship Show.

At his next Ch show - CRUFTS 2011, Tamu again won his class and the Reserve Dog CC behind his dad.

Tamu's first puppies made their show ring debut in July 2010, with a bang - his daughter winning the bitch CC at her first Championship Show and his son (owned by his breeders) winning the Res CC at his first show and the CC & Best of Breed at his second. Tamu's daighter 'Saba' gained her Champion title at just over 1 year old and is now multi-titled in several European countries, making us very proud. His next two litters produced another Champion daughter and a Champion son, we are sooooo proud of their many achievements and thank their breeders for choosing Tamu. Having produced three litters in the UK, Tamu is not at public stud. Having contributed to the small Basenji gene pool in such a fantastic way, he is now leaving it to his children to see that the pool widens yet further. Tamu became a grandad early 2016 and can now rest on his laurels!

Tamu has been eye tested with minor PPM strands and has also been DNA tested for Fanconi confirmed clear/normal. Also blood tested T4 for thyroid and is also normal.


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
    • Taji's Klassic Architecture
    • Am Ch Kazor's Ima Lilytoo
    • Am Ch Penda Taji's Tri-Umphant One
    • Am & Can Ch Klassic's Rooty Toot Toot
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Am Ch Penda Taji's Tri-umphant One
    • Am & Can Ch Klassic's Rooty Toot Toot
    • Am Ch Bushbabies Squawcreek Bet Me
    • Am Ch Kazor's Only Me
    • Berimo's Roustabout
    • Am Ch Taji's Cinnamon Swirl
    • Am Ch Jerlin's General Patton
    • Am Ch Klassic's Ima Rascal
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Berimo's Roustabout
    • Am Ch Taji's Cinnamon Swirl
    • Am Ch Jerlin's General Patton
    • Am Ch Klassic's Ima Rascal
    • Am Ch Bushbabies Red Ryder
    • Am Ch Squawcreek's Shady Lady
    • Am & Can Ch Terrarust's My-Tym To Appeal
    • Am Ch Kazor Tamba Arabella
    • Am Ch Reveille Tried And True
    • Am Ch Khamsin Berimo Asante Ibura
    • Proudlaan Kipenzi of Yaji
    • Arubmec's Traces of Taji
    • Am Ch Jerlin's Starfire of Carmel
    • Am Ch Jerlin's Haunting Hali
    • Am & Can Ch Reliant The Right Stuff
    • Am Ch Klassic's Bad To The Bone