Ghylladare Naivasha Deevon of Simden ShCM

Breed : Leonberger
Health Tested

Health Tests


  • Parents
    • Jakamak Boogy Woogy with Rossnick
    • Ghylladare High Tor
  • Grand Parents
    • Sund Stamm s Design of golden art at Manorguard
    • Rossnick Perchance to Dream
    • Dragongardens Akta Alvis
    • Stormchaser Status Symbol of ghylladare
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Sunds Stamms Aristo Artisto
    • Maritimaborgens Geniala Goldie
    • LUX CH Sir Union defender of pelgrims ring at rossnick
    • Rossnick naughty but nice
    • INT CH Radjhi von Lowencraft
    • Dragongardens Abracadabra
    • Shermayne Braga ferengi at stormchaser
    • Nabilah nerahsha von welland the stormchaser
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Regnarikes Lilleman Lxjonhufund
    • Houdins bellatrix
    • Martimaborgens Diabolos-dynamikos
    • Lxjonlands ilejona
    • Coras v. steinkauz
    • Lady oynee the comic of pelgrims ring
    • Garick haardrad
    • Rossnick eva maria
    • LUX CH Baron von wehrholz
    • Petula von lowenreich
    • SU CH FIN CH Sorbygardens bianco santos
    • SU CH NU CH Dragongardens tracy
    • Manorguard adam
    • Rossnick J e Taime
    • INT CH Radjhi von lowenkraft
    • INT CH Nora kisserdi