Beiderbecks Time with Tell



Breed : Rottweiler
28th December 1999 - 6th February 2010
Health Tested

Health Tests

Coco - Beiderbecks Time Will Tell

Sire: CH Travillons Madigan
Dam: Beiderbecks First Dream

Coco is a water baby, she loves water and swimming, she also loves rolling, generally in something smelly so its good she likes water! She was shown with some success but injury put a stop to her career so she has enjoyed the "home life". Sadly after a short illness the decision was taken out of our hands and we had to put Co Co to sleep.


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
  • Great Grand Parents
    • CH Pendley Winston
    • CH Fantasa Red Riding Hood
    • CH Aucenta Midnite Fireaway
    • Chantilly Lace of Travillon
    • CH Upend Gallant Theodoric
    • Aucenta Midnite Elite
    • Elko Von Graf Babo at Gamegards
    • Gamegards The Hitch Hiker
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Pendley Jacob of Charldane
    • Pendley Gudrun
    • CH Poirot Wham
    • CH Rottsann Regal Romance
    • CH Upend Gallant Theodoric
    • Aucenta Midnite Elite
    • CH Ranelow Black Warrior
    • Chesara Dark Hunters Dream
    • CH Caprido Minstrel of Potterspride
    • Upend Gay Jenny
    • CH Pendley Goldfinch
    • Aucenta Midnite Ikara
    • Max V Doracher Tobel SCH III
    • Assi V Graf Babo SCH II
    • Gamegards Protector
    • Gamegards Vita