Beiderbecks Sent a Dream



Breed : Rottweiler
12th May 1998 - 12th May 2009
Health Tested

Health Tests

Crystal - Beiderbecks Sent a Dream 1CC

Sire: Travillons Hadley RCC
Dam: Beiderbecks First Dream

Crystal is litter sister to CH Beiderbecks Reason to Dream. She has a sweet temperament and is enjoying all the attention Thomas is giving her! She has 1CC which she obtained at Three Counties under All Rounder Judge Andrew Brace when Albert obtained his all important 3rd, and also that day the Beiderbecks Kennel received the RDCC with Mr & Mrs Handley's Beiderbecks Ultimate Dream for Sarael - What a day!

Sadly, on her 11th Birthday we lost Crystal, it was very sudden and a shock for us all. She's gone bunny bashing with her brother, mother and grandmother, whom we all still miss dearly. Thomas told me they are all stars in the sky and if we are quiet we can hear them barking.


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
  • Great Grand Parents
    • CH Fantasa Ultra Violet
    • CH Cuidado Dizzi Miss Lizzi
    • CH Aucenta Midnite Fireaway
    • Chantilly Lace of Travillon
    • CH Upend Gallant Theodoric
    • Aucenta Midnite Elite
    • Elko Von Graf Babo at Gamegards
    • Gamegards The Hitch Hiker
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • CH Pendley Winston
    • CH Fantasa Red Riding Hood
    • CH Cuidado The Ladies Man
    • CH Keyhole Kate at Cuidado
    • CH Upend Gallant Theodoric
    • Aucenta Midnite Elite
    • CH Ranelow Black Warrior
    • Chesara Dark Hunters Dream
    • CH Caprido Minstrel of Potterspride
    • Upend Gay Jenny
    • CH Pendley Goldfinch
    • Aucenta Midnite Ikara
    • Max V Doracher Tobel
    • Assi V Graf Babo
    • Gamegards Protector
    • Gamegards Vita