Kidston Mozzarella

Phoebe in the garden.

Phoebe in the garden.

Breed : Golden Retriever
2nd June 2001 - 16th October 2009
Health Tested

Health Tests

Phoebe Is the mother of Taylor and Brie She has the sweetest disposition as did her father ,our own Kidston Frascati. Her second litter left her very ill and she was speyed when the pups were five days old. The pups had to be bottle fed night and day but did very well and all survived as did Phoebe, therefore she is very special to us.She has a hip score of 7-6 and is a typical retriever bitch , always ready to get in the way because she likes to help.
We always knew Phoebe wouldn't live to a great age because she was so ill when she had the litter but it still took us by suprise when we lost her at only eight.


  • Parents
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  • Great Grand Parents
    • Sh Ch Lorinford Lancelot
    • Kidston Linnet
    • Ch Purbarn Xtra Thunderstorm
    • Kidston Aphrodite
    • Muskan Most Likely
    • Wyvan Gypsy Charmer
    • Kidston Daiquiri
    • Deanwood Ena
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Ch Nortonwood Checkmate
    • Lorinford Playgirl
    • Pinecrest Pioneer of Kidston
    • Braydan Lisa Lehtonen
    • Lorinford Thunderstorm
    • Cinmarsh Creates Havoc at Purbarn
    • Muskan Most Likely
    • Kidston Linnet
    • Golcrest Game of Chance
    • Muskan Miss Elite
    • Amberland Ski Hi
    • Wyvan Moonwind
    • Sh Ch Lorinford Lancelot
    • Kidston Linnet
    • Fernyvale Rambler of Pinecrest
    • Rayleas Michaela of Deanwood