Benzaks Stormtrooper

Owner : Benzak
Breed : Bullmastiff
Birthdate : 5th December 2007
Colour : Red With Black Muzzle

Monty is a well proportioned red dog with a good black mask and has an execllent temprement.
We bred him ourselves and he is from Flintock Judamar lineages


  • Parents
    • flinstock easy does it for talbadan
    • benzak diamond lil
  • Grand Parents
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Ch flinstock mad about the boy
    • barrus lottery of coxellot
    • Ch flintstock mad about the boy
    • petronella elspeth
    • Ch bulcasimir the greenkeeper
    • grandwell high society girl of judamar
    • bulging bonzo
    • minkstone pricess of dawn
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Ch brinscall barnaby
    • poachersfoe pandemonium at flinstock
    • barrus st john
    • barrus querida
    • Ch brinscall banarby
    • poachersfoe pandemonium at flintstock
    • miller the mighty
    • hialeah black pearl
    • Ch dixon of the green
    • compass rose at bullcasamir
    • Ch dixon of the green
    • climbs like ivy of grandwell
    • Ch grandwell chip of the block of rodekes
    • lady sings the blues
    • second chance
    • minkstone sweetheart