IR CH Mei D'Espinavesa to Starwell (Imp Esp)

Mei D'Espinavesa to Starwell

Mei D'Espinavesa to Starwell

photo by: Mei

Owner : Starwell
Breed : Catalan Sheepdog
Birthdate : 6th April 2006
Health Tested

Health Tests

Mei has had a fantastic year in the show ring gaining 16 best bitch's from the import class's and has been best Import 8 times
And best of all Mei has been confirmed as Best Import 09
we are so proud of Mei she is a star


  • Parents
    • span ch Kas D'Espinavesa
    • Dolca D'Espinavesa
  • Grand Parents
    • Obi D'Espinavesa
    • Eina D'Espinavesa
    • Span Ch Cloc D'Espinavesa
    • Girola D'Espinavesa
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Span Ch Cadi D'espinavesa
    • Ibis D'Espinavesa
    • Span Ch Gip D'Espinavesa
    • Tula D'Espinavesa
    • Span Ch Gip D'Espinavesa
    • Claca D'spinavesa
    • Span Ch Cloc D'Espinavesa
    • Span Ch Gebra D'Espinavesa
  • Great Great Grand Parents