CH Carenage Pizazz At Sireva

Anchor having won Top Weimaraner 1997

Anchor having won Top Weimaraner 1997

photo by: John Hartley

Owner : Minstergate
Breed : Weimaraner
25th November 1994 - 24th May 2006
Health Tested

Health Tests

'Anchor' is a delight to own. She has had to put up with so much & she never complains about anything. In her prime, she was a lovely show dog and working dog and now in her twilight years, she has to put up with the brats. First of all she had to put up with Marcus biting her head as he was growing up, and now Pagan has come along she bites her hocks!

25/11/1994 - 24/05/05


  • Parents
    • Khamsynn Cardinal Synn
    • Sireva Strange Equity
  • Grand Parents
    • SH CH Flimmoric Fanclub
    • Forever Amber
    • CH Varstock Voyager of Roxberg
    • SH CH Benpark Strange Magic of Sireva
  • Great Grand Parents
    • AM & NZ CH Nani's Standing Ovation
    • Lusco's Foreign Affair of Flimmoric
    • Silber Mondschein of Ricjen
    • Silva Sasha
    • SH CH Kisdons Derring Do
    • CH Lodgewater Amber
    • SH CH Denmo Sidecar
    • Kenive Sento From Sireva
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • AM/CAN CH Colsidex Standing Ovation
    • AM CH Nani's Cobbie Cuddler
    • AM CH Reichenstadts Simon Peter
    • Elizabeth v Arenas
    • SH CH Greyfilk Equerry
    • Bredebeck Else
    • Abbey Silver Storm
    • Trelawney Silver Shadow
    • SH CH Ragston Ryuhlan
    • SH CH Kisdons Asti of Nevedith
    • SH CH Jehnvar of Greyfilk
    • Gretchen of Sandstone
    • CH Kamsou Moonraker v Bismark
    • SH CH Hansom Hirondelle
    • SH CH Kisdons Fagan of Sireva
    • Sireva Seasprite