Gaylacier Royal Albany

Breed : Gordon Setter
Birthdate : 12th November 2006
Health Tested

Health Tests


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
    • Cochfain not to be denied for bareve
    • Shannas quizzical
    • Sh Ch glynerys high 'n' mighty with liric
    • Sh Ch Black stone jade at Benuie
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Sg Ch Glynerys high 'n' mighty with liric
    • Sc Ch Lochfain never a dull moment
    • Sg Ch lochfian never a dull moment
    • Shannas Muscadet
    • Sh Ch Yorgan Sterling
    • Sh Ch liric mistic moon
    • Sh Ch Wickenberry philocopher at liric
    • Black stock mist
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Sh Ch yorgon sterling
    • Sh Ch Liric Mystic Moon
    • Willsteve tuxedo junction
    • laurelhach the next dance is at lochfian
    • Sh Ch Glynderys high 'n' mighty with liric
    • Shannas romance
    • liric coolabah
    • Shannas romance
    • Sh Ch dudmore mylton of lourdace
    • wickenberry melissa at yorgan
    • shannans family fortunune
    • Sh Ch liric high society
    • Sh Ch Lochfian the nobel dragon
    • wickenberry hallmark
    • Sh Ch gladstone of lourdace
    • Northinch musk rose