Chartan Thistle Do Me

Thistle, nearly 14 with Pocket her best mate.

Thistle, nearly 14 with Pocket her best mate.

photo by: t thomas

Owner : Chartan
Breed : Gordon Setter
19th October 2000 - 28th December 2014
Health Tested

Health Tests

Thistle is a laid back Gordon with the most wonderful temperament.My Wonderful Thistle, sadly lost her last December, the 3rd dog in 4 months. such a sad time. She lived till she was 14 and never lost her laid back character, The most placid of dogs, taking everything in her stride but with an almost human way of communicating. She lives on through her great grand daughter Looby Lou.


  • Parents
    • Carek Dark Command
    • Boyers Saphire at Chartan
  • Grand Parents
    • Shannas Family Forture
    • Carek Blue Belle
    • Portroyal Buran
    • Amscot Star Belle of Boyers
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Sh/Ch.Wickenberry Philosopher at Liric
    • Sh/Ch/Shannas Midnight Shadow
    • Liric High N Mighty
    • Carek Ebony Eyes
    • Winterwood Willow
    • Boyers Ski
    • Amscot Soy of Boyers
    • Amscot La Belle
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Sh.Ch. Lochfain the Noble Dragon
    • Wickenberry Hallmark
    • Winterwood Willow
    • Sh.Ch. Wickenberry Mystique
    • Winterwood Willow
    • Talk of the Town at Liric
    • Sh.Ch.Lourdace Mineer of Liric
    • Carek Purple Velvet
    • Sh.Ch. Winterwood Thundercloud
    • Sh.Ch.Kyuna Fairie Queen of Winterwood
    • Benlaurie Dipper of Ensay
    • Ch Boyers Syce
    • Sh.Ch.Boyers Seil
    • Amscot Carolina Classic
    • Sh.Ch.Boyers Seil
    • Sh.Ch.Inkersall Goldfinch of Amscot.