Merrywood Rising Star avec Chikaramor



photo by: Robert Stead

Owner : Chikaramor
Breed : Pyrenean Sheepdog
Birthdate : 18th October 2006
Health Tested

Health Tests

Parys joined the family early in December 2006 and we can honestly say life has never been the same since, as you can see, she has mischief written right across her face.

Many adjectives can be written, or spoken about her, cheeky, funny, loving, naughty, noisy and demonic but the most apt word we can use to describe her is STUNNING.

A real showoff she adores going into the ring and strutting her stuff. Although little shown this year, as she has been concentraing on her Aglity, Parys has gained several PSD Best Bitch tickets and won BOB at W&PBS in November 2009. She was Best of Breed at DFS Crufts 2010.

She has worked well on the Agility Circuit and has won many classes gaining her Agility Warrant (B).

She is now working with sheep and has shown us all just how much natural instinct she has by immediately taking the flock in hand and working perfectly with them on her first introduction to the discipline.

Please feel free at any time to contact us for any information/advice on the Pyrenean Sheepdog or border collies. We love talking dogs!!!


  • Parents
    • Hob-Nob's Baptiste at Carabrae (Imp Swe)
    • Merrywood Gofa Gold
  • Grand Parents
    • Sarradet De Loubajac
    • Rhubarbe De Loubajac
    • Carabrae Zegovia
    • Merrywood Dark Image
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Pyrrhius De La Griffe Pyreneenne
    • Pigouille De Loubajac
    • Puppy Du Domaine Des Genots
    • Ousse Des Bois De Loubajac
    • Carabrae Klaus
    • Carabrae Beaujolais
    • Carabrae Klaus
    • Merrywood Madam
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Navarattet de L'estaube
    • Juliane
    • Swed & Fin Ch Laruns Du Domaine Des Genots
    • Illico De Loubajac
    • Swed & Fin Ch Laruns Du Domaine Des Genots
    • Friponne De L'estaube
    • Lutour
    • Illico De Oubajac
    • Carabrae Darius
    • Carabrae Candide
    • Gin De La Bourguine and Carabrae
    • Garrigue Du Pic D'Arbizon and Carabrae (Imp)
    • Carabrae Darius
    • Carabrae Candide
    • Gin De La Bourguine and Carabrae (Imp)
    • Carabrae Camille