Sevenlocks Henry



photo by: Mrs A J Thompson

Henry's puppies

Henry's puppies

photo by: Mrs A J Thompson



photo by: Mrs A J Thompson

Owner : Sevenlocks
Breed : Labrador Retriever
Birthdate : 15th June 2007
Colour : Black
Health Tested

Health Tests

Hips 2:3, elbows 0. Optigen prcd-PRA, CNM, EIC, Narcolepsy, RD/OSD, HNPK, DM (Degenerative Myelopathy, MCD and Cystinuria all normal/clear. Signficance for breeding: As Henry is a non-carrier of these genetic diseases, he can breed with any female (carrier/non-carrier or status unknown if she hasn't been dna tested) & there will be no clinically affected puppies in any of his litters from any of these terrible diseases which can affect Labradors, neither will he pass on the genes that cause them. This is an extremely important consideration when choosing a stud dog, if the dna status of the bitch is not known. Clinically affected puppies from these diseases occur in carrier x carrier matings:-

prcd-PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) causes premature blindness

CNM (Centronuclear Myopathy) causes severe muscle weakness/wastage and in some cases sadly results in euthanasia

EIC (Exercise Induced Collapse) causes collapse after exercise (sometimes in repetitive play retrieves too)

RD/OSD - Retinal Dysplasia which can be associated with OculoSkeletal Dysplasia - skeletal malformations comprising shortened limbs (dwarfism) & premature blindness

Narcolepsy - a disabling sleep disorder

HNPK - a disorder that causes nose to dry out resulting in irritation and inflammation which would require regular medication

DM (Degenerative Myelopathy)- a chronic progressive disease of the spinal chord that results in paralysis. Henry does not carry the mutation in exon 2 of the SOD1 that is considered to be a major risk factor in the development of DM.

Cystinuria - a condition that causes urinary stones which can lead to life threatening closure of the urinary tract. Clinical symptoms can occur at 4-6 months of age.

MCD - Macular Corneal Dystrophy which can affect middle age Labrador Retrievers causing development of cloudy eyes which then results in visual impairment. As this is a progressive eye disease for which the onset occurs in clinically affected middle age dogs, studs may have been used before this condition has developed and becomes apparent. Henry is clear/non carrier.

Henry also holds a current clear BVA/KC eye examination certificate & his health test results can be viewed on the Kennel Club Health Tests page. Henry's health tests have been microchip verified by our vet & certificates are readily available to view. Copies of Henry's health results are given to owner's of visiting mates.

Henry is also genetically clear of MH (Malignant Hyperthermia/Canine Stress Syndrome)

Henry is an exceptionally handsome and highly intelligent dog with a stunning shiny black glossy coat. Henry is a proven and experienced stud dog producing very healthy good sized litters, on average 7-8 per litter although has produced litters of 10,11,12 and recently 13(!) with all puppies healthy and surviving. There is generally an almost even number of dogs to bitches in his litters and he carries the yellow gene. His puppies are very attractive and well conformed with superb temperaments. We are fortunate to live nearby some of them and able to watch and enjoy their development. Henry comes from working field trial stock and has a very impressive pedigree with many Ft Ch's who have an excellent history of low hip scores. We are very proud that two puppies from one of Henry's litters were selected to train as hearing/companion dogs for the deaf. Having both been extremely successful in their training they are now in placements and it is so rewarding to know they are going to make such a difference to someone's life. There is also a puppy from another litter who is being trained to be a diabetic alert dog. Another puppy (now adult!) from a different litter, qualified for Crufts and did very well in his event, so we are equally proud of him too!

Although Henry is not worked, he is incredibly quick and eager to learn and makes a wonderful & loyal family pet, he is always eager to please you. He has a friendly & playful personality and like most Labradors loves fuss and attention in abundance! On discipline training, Henry has passed Bronze, Silver and Gold Kennel Club Good Citizens Awards and has performed with the training club's Demonstration Team. Henry retrieves in a very focused & athletic way very naturally both in and out of water - although would spend all day in water if he could! We have trained him to the whistle & he is exceptionally responsive to "stops" & "recalls" and has the natural abilities of a working dog as well as a very loving pet.

We feel truly honoured to own such a wonderful dog who gives us so much pleasure and along with his mum Lucy, we adore them both.

Henry is available as stud to approved KC registered bitches with up to date vaccinations, current clear eye examination certificate and good hip scores. Please look at Henry's pedigree below to ensure they are compatible to breed. Henry is up to date with vaccinations including kennel cough.



  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
    • FT Ch Lakedown Sedge
    • Lady Tess of Quinton
    • FT CH Ace of Haverholme
    • Fensavana Sky Trecker
  • Great Grand Parents
    • FT CH Birdbrook Arrow of Craigfelin
    • Lakedown Lillibutt
    • FT CH IR FT CH Aughacasala Sam of Drakeshead (IKC)
    • Elly of Magdalen
    • Haseborough Mint of Haverholme
    • Joeys Lass
    • Countryways Tan of Follybreeze
    • Austerby Cassie of Fensavana
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • FT CH Tibea Tosh
    • FT CH Purdey of Bonhote of Birdbrook
    • FT CH Holdgate Winter
    • Mwyalchen Malbren
    • Ballyellery Adder
    • IR FT CH Killerisk Hero
    • Burlingham Sam
    • Swiftwater Bryony
    • FT CH IR FT CH Aughacasla Sam of Drakeshead (IKC)
    • Bynbrig Anna
    • Morayglen Magnum
    • Bess of Blankney
    • FT CH Pocklea Remus
    • Maiden Tower (IKC)
    • Glenbriar Sabre of Follybreeze
    • Aralon Dawn of Austerby