Tishomingo Pearl at Legrove



Owner : Legrove
Breed : Golden Retriever
6th June 2000 - 10th September 2014
Health Tested

Health Tests

Summer is the 1st bitch i've owned and what a pleasure it has been.She is a very intelligent and loving.Only shown lightly she prefers to stay at home and keep an eye on the others and my hubby too. Sadly we said goodbye to Summer on the 10th September 2014. Miss you my beautiful girl.


  • Parents
    • Lorinford Gilt Edged
    • Tishomingo Girl
  • Grand Parents
    • Sh.Ch.Skymaster of Jamescroft
    • Gillbryan Tarantella of Lorinford
    • Sh.Ch.Maurfield Shogun at Lorinford
    • Oultonor Pamina
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Jamescroft Rheingold
    • Shiralee Shula
    • Sh.Ch.Lorinford Lancelot
    • Gillbryan Emerald
    • Sh.Ch.Lorinford Lancelot
    • Newavon Fancy Free at Amberfield
    • Burlind Easter Rainbow
    • Oultonor Keness Blodwyn
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Ch.Nortonwood Faunus
    • Jamescroft Chanelle
    • Briarcopse Herald
    • Bonne Amee
    • Sh.Ch.Nortonwood Checkmate
    • Lorinford Playgirl
    • Okus Autumn Adventure
    • Gillbryan Colleen
    • Sh.Ch.Nortonwood Checkmate
    • Lorinford Playgirl
    • Maurfield Tuba Smartie at Amberland
    • Newavon Elsa
    • Narside New Begining
    • Rosie Sunshine at Burlind
    • Caroljay Micra
    • Rosienation Gold