Kingsfleet Phantom at Legrove

Saxon with his cup he won at training.

Saxon with his cup he won at training.

photo by: Mrs K Mitchell

Owner : Legrove
Breed : Golden Retriever
1st February 1999 - 4th September 2012
Health Tested

Health Tests

Saxon is a very intelligent dog with a very laid back attitude to life.He has his Stud book number which qualifies him for Crufts for life.
Sadly Saxon was PTS on 4/9/2012.Miss you my old man.Run pain free at the rainbow bridge.


  • Parents
    • Kimwhany O'Rourke of Ritzilyn
    • Briarhaze Bluebelle Breeze
  • Grand Parents
    • Ch.Ritzilyn CockneyRobin
    • Kimwhany Next Step
    • Jamoon Troika for Ninell
    • Briarhaze Bright Echo
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Sh.Ch.Amirene King Eider of Davern
    • Ritzilyn Tickled Pink
    • Kidston DaquiraJW
    • Kimwhany Cascade JW
    • Chadzo Secret Admirer
    • Halebourne Molly Malone of Jamoon
    • Fenwood Octavus JW
    • Tamsbrook Truly Fayre of Briarhaze
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Sh.Ch.Nortonwood Checkmate
    • Stally Hills Miss Adventure of amirene
    • Ritzilyn Jefferson JW
    • Rossford Dolly Mixture of Ritzilyn
    • Sh.Ch.Lorinford Lancelot
    • Kidston Linnet
    • Maurfield Tuba Smartie at Amberland
    • Kimwhany Hi-Jinx
    • Ch.Tokeida Starstealer
    • Chadzo Amelia
    • Ch.Garbank Special Edition of Lislone
    • Ninell Richenda
    • Ch.Paudell Easter Plantagenet of Kerrien
    • Fenwood Fern
    • Ritzilyn McAllister of Chilzer JW
    • Tamsbrook Texas Belle