Moonlake Mackintosh

Moonlake Mackintosh 1CC 1Res CC

Moonlake Mackintosh 1CC 1Res CC

photo by: Van Hooydonck

Owner : Moonlake
Breed : Whippet
27th August 1998 - 1st May 2011

Mackintosh was within the 20" limit for coursing dogs and weighed a little over 32lbs (15kg). Although himself brindled, he proved that he could also produce fawns, due to the classic fawn breeding in his pedigree.

A quality dog in unexaggerated style, 'Tosh combined the best of classic whippet bloodlines. He produced some lovely puppies to very different bloodlines.


  • Parents
    • Moonlake Mackerel
    • Denelsie Swan Princess
  • Grand Parents
    • Moonlake Mint Sauce
    • Moonlake Misssprint
    • Ch Puddledock Swan Song
    • Denelsie Birthday Princess
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Ch Deepridge Mintmaster
    • Moonlake Miss Chiff
    • Ch Chyton Copy-Press
    • Nimrodel Precious
    • Ch Oakbark Mr Magic of Silkstone
    • Courthill Corona of Puddledock
    • Ch Nimrodel Wiveton
    • Martina of Oakbark at Denelsie
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Ch Laguna Ligonier
    • Deepridge Juliet
    • Madishan Moonlake
    • Nimrodel Chiff Chaff
    • Moonlake Master Copy
    • Sweet Briar
    • Ch Poltesco High Seas
    • Ch Wipstych Grandiflora
    • Ch Oakbark Armfield Joker
    • Newbold Sweet Martini of Oakbark
    • Ch Flarepath Astrinomical
    • Courthill Chorus Line
    • Bartonia of Brough
    • Nimrodel Wissendine
    • Ch Cottonmere Monty of Oakbark
    • Trudie Fair