Overdene Astipalaia

Overdene Astipalaia (Kyriaki) -  July 2009

Overdene Astipalaia (Kyriaki) - July 2009

photo by: Merriol Haselden

on her 15th birthday - 17 August 2012

on her 15th birthday - 17 August 2012

photo by: Merriol Haselden

on her 16th birthday - 17 August 2013

on her 16th birthday - 17 August 2013

photo by: Lizzie Reeve

Owner : Overdene Golden Retrievers
Breed : Golden Retriever
17th August 1997 - 23rd September 2013
Health Tested

Health Tests

We are very sad to report that we had to say "goodbye" to Kyriaki on Monday, 23 September 2013, just five weeks after she celebrated her 16th birthday with 15 of her 2-legged friends. She and her litter brother, Overdene Arki, were the last two surviving siblings from Freya's first litter by Mr P D Hambling's Horham Barraband. It is from Kyriaki that all current Overdenes (and Dirnaneans) are descended. In October 2011 she became the longest-living Golden Retriever our family has ever had - and we have had Golden Retrievers since the 1930s. As is the case with all Overdene breeding bitches, Kyriaki was DNA profiled.

Being of a type now considered "old fashioned", and therefore slow to mature, Kyriaki was unshown as a puppy, and then as a direct consequence of damage caused to her left eye by a laurel bush when she was aged about 16 months, she hung up her show lead for good when leaving Junior. She was, however, in the cards at all but one of her shows, and was a 1st place winner.

What Kyriaki was unable to do in the show ring, however, she more than made up for in the whelping box, and we kept four of her daughters in the family:

1. Overdene Kithera of Dirnanean (Tizzy) from her litter by Mrs I Holloway's Cattrysse Lowry;
2. Overdene Drakospilia at Dirnanean (Rayne) from her litter by Mr P D Hambling's Horham Dancing Brave;
3. Overdene Piganoussa (Aoife); and
4. Overdene Tiganakia (Gráinne) from her litters by Mesdames Williams & Gough's Wilgem Star Designer.

Unlike her mother Freya who loved swimming, Kyriaki hated water – probably inherited from her father who would (allegedly) walk around a puddle rather than get his feet wet!

Kyriaki leaves behind at Overdene two daughters, Rayne and Aoife, two grand-daughters, Niamh and Grian, and a great grand-daughter, Rúadhnait, and many other descendants in the UK and a couple overseas.

She was "one of a kind" and we do not expect to see the like of her again.


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
    • Sh Ch Tokeida Starstealer
    • Owlery Athanasius at Horham
    • Pondcroft Sean of Bryanstown
    • Bryanstown Ingerid
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Streamrise Todu
    • Hingstondown Miranda
    • Stolford Mazurka
    • Bobbie of Owlery
    • Ch Bryanstown Gaucho
    • Pondcroft Samantha
    • Guella Golden Hind
    • Bryanstown Donna
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Ch Stolford Happy Lad
    • Streamrise Sally Ann
    • Ch Tranquillity Token of Regina
    • Stolford Bilberry
    • Sh Ch Stolford Likely Lad
    • Ardinia Gay Lass of Stolford
    • Bryanstown Solo
    • Laughing Lucy Locket
    • Ch Stolford Happy Lad
    • Janacre Gaiety of Bryanstown
    • Ch Pinecrest Salvador
    • Sh Ch Goldsheen Jade of Pondcroft
    • Ch Bryanstown Gaucho
    • Guella Andromeda
    • Ch Gwelo Sinbad of Tamsbrook
    • Oriule Huntress of Bryanstown