Nenevale Queen Bee at Pizziricco

Owner : Pizziricco
Breed : Miniature Schnauzer
Birthdate : 18th February 2004

Black and Silver bitch


  • Parents
    • Hassanhills Tigeroga of Nenevale (imp)
    • Hassanhills Warahamihira at Nenevale(imp)
  • Grand Parents
    • Hassanhills Riwer
    • Hassanhills Crystal Palace
    • Bandsmans Why Not am ch &lux ch
    • Art Deco Usbunny swed & fin ch
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Impacts Silver Makers Mark swed ch
    • Hassanhills Hope swed ch
    • Hassahills Onyxnswed ch
    • Hassanhills Guaniamo
    • Adamis State-of-the-art am ch
    • Always Room for Jello am ch
    • Adamis State-of the Art am ch
    • Always Room for Jello am ch
  • Great Great Grand Parents