Stillmoor Rosy Mellow for Jarlalfvin

Owner : Eriksfjord
Breed : Swedish Vallhund
Birthdate : 22nd March 2003
Health Tested

Health Tests

Hanna joined us in March 2008. She has settled well and enjoys being with the other dogs.

Karen and I are grateful to Paula Ackary for letting us have Hanna to become the second Jarlalfvin.

Hanna is a friendly soul and shows occassional cheekiness. She enjoys nothing better than having a cuddle on the sofa and chewing a hoof!

Hanna has been hip scored and we are delighted to say that her hip score is 3:3 making a total of 6.

Hanna gave birth to Mikey in 2010 and since then has hit the show ring in happy waggy way! Hanna won Best Veteran in Breed at Darlington CH Show 2011 and won the Veteran Bitch Class at Crufts 2012. She also recently won Best Veteran in Show at an Open Show. Hanna's waggy tail is the subject of much discussion and someone recently commented that it wags so fast she could generate electricity. Hanna is young at heart and we love her!


  • Parents
    • Kirkholme Otto at Drois
    • Karjakon Mesimarja (IMP FIN)
  • Grand Parents
    • CH Kirkholme Ernst
    • Hildrek Siska of Kirkholme
    • Applepaw's Whirly Winston
    • Karjakon Huithapeli
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Moonsfield Tyko of Kirkholme
    • Huffa of Kirkholme
    • CH Alec-Guiness av Svedala (IMP SWED)
    • Svedala Lilla Gunborg of Hildrek
    • FIN CH Fennican Yks Yrjana Vaan
    • Sagatelliers Cinnamon Lady
    • Gralotens Acke Aspett
    • Antimos Amaretto
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • CH Kirkholme Harold
    • CH Hurstfield Damask at Moonsfield
    • CH Rosern Forever
    • Kirkhome Aida
    • Skogbygdens Billy Bus
    • Grolotens Krutguhma
    • Skogbygdens Carl Gustav Viking Av Svedala
    • Hildrek Silva Lillan of Svedala
    • Fennican Oliver Ollon
    • Silver Lady v.d Zwanensteeg
    • Elke's Caspar Cnorrhane
    • Sagateller's Mermaid
    • Gralotens Berra Blatira
    • Emma
    • Hurstfield Kenelm James
    • Fennica Amaryllis