Ch Cirennyl Chana Dorje for Oldcharm

Lilly winning group 4th at Bournemouth

Lilly winning group 4th at Bournemouth

photo by: carol anne johnson

Breed : Tibetan Spaniel
Birthdate : 20th July 1996

Lilly Was my first Ch Bitch and what a joy she was to own and show


  • Parents
    • Ch Reinbridge Simba at Souska
    • Colphil Mai zhee at Cirennyl
  • Grand Parents
    • Ch Tamrae Pirate at Reinbridge
    • Ch Braeduke Me Tu at Rienbridge
    • Ch Spandapas Senghi Lama for Braeduke
    • Colphil Chloe
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Ch Amcross Pundit
    • Sharbonne Endless Joy
    • Velrok Lu Tsang at Braeduke
    • Braeduke Mi Bar
    • Ch Taimani Ghadiali
    • Braeduke Samgitti Sutta
    • Ch Braeduke Phut Skyi
    • Colphil Almost a Parti
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Ch Amcross Pax
    • Amcross Pe Skee
    • Reinbridge Lukla of Sharbonne
    • Sharbonne Winters Melody
    • Braeduke Lu Ting
    • Velrok Tiger Lilly
    • Ch Braeduke Ling bu
    • Kalimpong Ming dorja of Braeduke
    • Ch Simpasture Topaz
    • Ch Rutherglen Tai Mar of taimani
    • Ch Tsingay Tango
    • Ch Cupitcharm sangSang for Braeduke
    • Braeduke Surkhangse of Careana
    • Ch waesfjord Potala
    • Braeduke Dharma Raja at Perjena
    • Ch Colphil Kyi Ti