Bartok Tristar Field Lily

Owner : Bartok
Breed : Border Collie
Birthdate : 27th May 2006
Health Tested

Health Tests

Cassie is the daughter of our beloved Megan(Fernhaven Double Delight at Bartok) and Tag(Andslyn Ruby Lad at Bartok.
Cassie is a tri colour like her mum and carries the red gene.
Cassie is loving and very active.She did agility in Hungary where she lived for a year and showed great promise.
Cassie has been tested for Goniodysgenesis and is clear/unaffected. She has been mated to Beesting Jools Holland and we are hoping for puppies on 24th April 2009


  • Parents
    • Andslyn Ruby Lad at Bartok
    • Fernhaven Double Delight at Bartok
  • Grand Parents
    • Blackrobin Highlander
    • Romellva Pure Colour
    • Bordertown Dimonz Forever
    • Fernhaven Theme For A Dream
  • Great Grand Parents
    • CH Spot ISDS 16119
    • Lethans Twice As Nice
    • Romellva Pure Water
    • Romellva Missus Serious
    • Blacdimonz Triton From Mobella
    • Mobella Rosalee From Bordertown
    • Blackdimonz Triton From Mobella
    • Tomazine Gem From Fernhaven
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • CH Cap ISDS 10920
    • CH Peg ISDS 125220
    • Roy ISDS 161740
    • Lethans Kip
    • SH CH Viber Travelling Matt From Corinlea
    • Murky Water At Romellva
    • Remlaw Misterman at Joamp
    • Dot and Dash at Romellva
    • Reakasso Blaze in Blackdimonz
    • Reakasso Flirtation with Blackdimonz
    • Wizaland News Speculation at Mobella
    • Viber Blue Bliss
    • Reakasso Blaze In Blackdimonz
    • Reakasso Flirtation With Blackdimonz
    • Corinlea Frankie Goes To Tomozine
    • Jen Of Tomozine