Gerian Latest Flame JW



Owner : Gerian Rough Collies
Breed : Rough Collie
6th December 1990 - 7th April 2003

Latest Flame is behind all of my current stock, and we were very sad to lose him this year at 12 years of age.


  • Parents
    • Brettonpark Latest Love at Pelido
    • Gerian Love At First Sight
  • Grand Parents
    • Brettonpark Country Tweed
    • Brettonpark Country Rose
    • Ch. Pelido Double Fantasy
    • Gerian You're My Inspiration
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Ch. Aberthorne Arrester
    • Brettonpark Vienna Charm
    • Cinlocks Candyman
    • Ch. Brettonpark Vanity Fair
    • Ch. Arranbrook Mr Chips of Aberhill
    • Pelido French Knickers
    • Ch. Brilyn Supertramp
    • Pelido Prima Donna at Gerian
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Ch. Kidlaine Konrad
    • Ch. Kreba Contemplation
    • Ch. Brettonpark Whatzizname
    • Ch. Brettonpark Vanity Fair
    • Ch. Brettonpark Whatzizname
    • Cinlocks Cleopatra
    • Dazzler of Dunsinane
    • Brettonpark Gaiety Girl
    • Sangreat Sorroco of Arranbrook
    • Brettonpark Burnished Gold of Arranbrook
    • Ch. Little Caesar at Corydon
    • Brettonpark Golden Dream at Pelido
    • Ch. Myberns Minstrel
    • Brilyn Duchesse Lace
    • Ch. Pelido Double Fantasy
    • Pelido French Knickers